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Why become a mystery shopper and ShopperHub member with CX Group?


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There are many benefits to becoming a member today:

  • Take part in exciting and intriguing assignments in your “free time” 
  • Earn good extra income 
  • Experience complementary products, services, and meals  
  • Schedule flexibility –– you’ll work at your own pace, taking on as many or as few assignments depending on your availability, and if you travel, you may be able to work for us then too! 
  • Your feedback and contributions genuinely help companies improve their services to all of their customers, including you 

How to become a mystery shopper at CX Group

As a member of our ShopperHub community, your feedback and input allows us to help businesses improve their customer experience so that our clients may continue to perform at exceptional standards for all of their customers.  

CX Group mystery shoppers operate as independent contractors and receive work on an assignment-by-assignment basis. Our members have the freedom to choose which assignments they accept or decline as they become available.  

We currently offer mystery shopping assignments across North America and Canada and plan to expand globally in the near future. Join our national independent contractor network by first creating a free shopper profile account. 

Create a free shopper profile account.

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Why is your feedback important? 


CX Group has curated a panel of outstanding mystery shoppers, auditors, evaluators, and brand ambassadors who provide essential feedback to our clients across multiple industries, including retail, restaurants, hotels, casinos, automotive, financial services, home delivery –– and more!  

Our panelists provide feedback on mystery shopping assignments, their own actual experiences as customers, results of compliance audits, plus they take part in post-evaluation focus groups and video interviews. We are so much more than mystery shopping assignments –– we are everything Customer Experience! 

Our panelists are part of our community, and as such, we offer intriguing assignments where our members also learn new things and become engaged in new activities. We also pride ourselves on taking very good care of our members. They are the backbone of all that we do.  We pay above average for the work taken on, and we always pay on time. We have an outstanding team of shopper support staff who are in-house and not managed by a third party. We guarantee that you will have an intimate and supportive relationship with CX Group. 

We are also the only agency in our industry to have developed a growing Shopper Advocacy Panel with whom we work closely to make sure that we are always in front of member services and that we provide the very best experience possible for all members. You may also join this panel and take part in our focus groups if you wish. We welcome all active members! 

Is becoming a CX Group member right for you? 


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At CX Group, we’re looking for members based in the U.S. or Canada who:  

  • Enjoy interacting with people 
  • Have excellent observational skills 
  • Can naturally role-play specific scenarios  
  • Are capable of noticing and remembering small details 
  • Have good time-management skills 
  • Have clear written and verbal communication skills
  • Have a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Have reliable internet and transportation  
  • Can be ready and willing to provide feedback on their own personal experiences when the opportunities arise
  • Potentially take part in video focus groups –– a great way to get to know other members! 


Frequently asked questions


What are the benefits of becoming a mystery shopper with CX Group?

We have exciting assignments and clients that may allow you to experience new services and products. We also treat our shoppers well and pay quickly and on time. We are very careful to offer fair fees for a fair piece of work too. You can manage your own schedule and accept as many or as few shops as you wish at a given time 

What does a good report look like?

A good report will always include answers to all required questions and verbatim/text comments that are detailed and unique to that assignment. Plus, answers should never be too subjective. When saving images to upload later and with your report (such as photos or receipts), it’s always a good idea to name your image with the shop code of your given assignment; that way, you will be sure to upload the correct image with the correct shop! 


Focus your comments on what the associate did and said and what the location looks like, rather than on what you did and said. Don’t use words like “very” or “nice”. Try to be more specific and detailed in your commentary. 

Why is being a mystery shopper an important role?

Mystery shoppers contribute significantly to big companies’ decisions on how to best serve real customers! They take your reports and feedback seriously with the end objective of making shopping and hospitality experiences better for us all!  

Do I get paid for all mystery shops that I take on?

For the most part, you will receive both a shopper payment and also reimbursement for the products or services you have to purchase to do your shop. In a few exceptional cases, our clients will provide high reimbursement rates with shopper pay, such as fine dining restaurants.  


Our shopper members enjoy these assignments as they get to experience some luxuries that they may otherwise not! Either way, the compensation for your time with CX Group is always fair.  

When will I get paid for completing a shop?

Payments are made between the 15th and 20th of each month for successfully completed shops, with required documentation submitted, from the previous calendar month. For example, accepted February shops will be paid by March 20th. Changing your payment method between the dates of the 15th and 20th could delay your payment to the following month. 

Do I have to answer all clarification requests after my shop assignment?

Yes, we must have a response to any clarification email within 12 hours of it being sent. Failure to respond may result in shop rejection and non-payment. This is simply because we will not be able to use your report for our client.  

How will I know when new assignments are available?

When you sign up, please visit the Shopper Hub frequently and search for available shops. New shops are posted daily. 

Why does CX Group need my SSN?

The Social Security Number is used for IRS purposes and will be reported to the IRS when payments exceed $600 within a year. Your information is collected via a secure website. You can enter your SSN under My Account. 

What does it mean when I agree to your Confidentiality Policy?

All Independent Contractors must agree to our terms of Confidentiality before conducting shops. You are agreeing to the following when you complete an assignment for CX Group: 

  • NEVER reveal yourself as a mystery shopper at any time. 
  • NEVER forward/distribute/discuss project information at any time with anyone other than a CX Group associate. 
  • NEVER post project information on public websites or forums. 
  • Information viewed or downloaded from this website is subject to the Confidentiality Clause in the Independent Contractor Agreement. 
  • Information sent via email from your scheduler is subject to the Confidentiality Clause in the Independent Contractor Agreement. 
  • Information received or obtained while conducting your assignment is subject to the Confidentiality Clause in the Independent Contractor Agreement. 
  • Failure to comply with the Confidentiality Clause in the Independent Contractor Agreement will result in the termination of your shopper account.