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Industry pioneers. Independent spirit. Growth catalysts.


Who we are

For almost five decades, CX Group and its member companies – BestMark and Second To None – have served as the industry leaders in customer, shopper, and employee experience research.  

In that time, we have conducted, analyzed, and garnered insight from over 16M shopper interactions and 10M customer and employee surveys. From season to season, and year to year, our institutional knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of markets has only multiplied. And, combined with our clients' expertise in their corner of the business world, together we bring to bear a potent partnership focused on superior market understanding and growth.  

CX Group clients benefit from the agility only possible through independent ownership, the concierge-level service of a boutique consultancy, and the global reach of our partner ecosystem that includes BestMark and Second To None –– all delivered with the expertise, advanced data security, and progressive research methodologies needed to succeed at scale. 

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Why do leading companies choose CX Group?

We share the same passion and core business objective as our clients –– to be customer-centric, growth-focused, and data-driven. We also understand the increasing complexity of the market and customers’ rapidly evolving demands.  

With that passion and understanding at the center of our practice, we work together in pursuit of market clarity and the objective and research-driven, strategic perspective you need to drive your business. Together with CX Group and its member companies, BestMark and Second To None, we uniquely deliver: 

Superior insights and in-market actionability

Our technology-supported research design and market calibration focus help spotlight the improvement opportunities with the greatest growth potential for your business.  

Long-term industry leadership

Your CX Group engagement leaders have been actively involved for decades in helping to refine mystery shopping and customer experience research best practices, as well as applying experience-focused research to our clients’ growth strategies. 

Full vertical integration

Our in-house developed, advanced technology platform, combined with our in-house QA and scheduling teams, ensure we have the locus of control over everything we do. You benefit from embedded turnkey capability regardless of the scale of your project. 

Advanced data security

In today’s world, there can be no compromise to data security. The risk is simply too great, for both your business and your stakeholders. This is why we continue to make, each and every year, the significant financial, resource, and technological commitments required to ensure ALL of our clients’ businesses and customer data remain secure. You should expect nothing less. 

World’s premier shopper and consumer community

Since our earliest years in business, we recognized the critical relationship between our efforts on behalf of our clients and the consumers we turn to for real-time market insights. As a result, we spend considerable time, even today, in conversations and regular panel discussions with the community to ensure they have the support and direction they need for project success. 


Jeff Hall


A message from CX Group Founder & CEO, Jeff Hall

Over the last four decades, I have come to fully understand that at the core of the customer experience is the human experience. And because human motivations and behavior change so quickly, so must businesses. But that is clearly easier said than done.  

Culturally, businesses need credible, objective, outside catalysts to clarify the RIGHT growth paths to rally behind. Opinions are easy to produce and are in endless supply. Accurate in-market perspectives (and signposts), however, are not. That’s where our companies have consistently delivered the greatest client value, and my greatest source of pride is what we deliver in those partnerships.  

We understand you, the Visionary, and with the range of industry expertise we have, we’re able to understand your customer too. We want to empower you and your team with the customer-driven, readily actionable data you need to improve the most important interactions –– as quickly, effectively, and sustainably as possible.   

We look forward to the opportunity to work together.